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The Yellow Wing

The Yellow Wing is mysterious, elegant and collectible for various reasons. Starting with its inspiration. My previous artwork,The Yellow Bird, is part of a series I'm developing, writing a fairy tale based on a dream I had involving time travel and mythical creatures living in a landscape of trees, flowers and birds.

The narrative I'm weaving further investigates our collective human cultures, their pasts, their presents, their futures, their mythologies, and our fashion-inspired notions of being. These various elements imbue The Yellow Wing with a mystery that defies description.

Add to that an incredibly elegant aesthetic that captures natural elements, coupled with vivid splashes of life, love, and a mysterious aura of hope, all set atop a canvas of greys and blues, sparkles of stardust and a beautiful, poignant use of yellow. All of these things come together to make The Yellow Wing a beautiful and stirring artwork that stands solidly in the realm of the Collector.

So if you're looking for a special, mysterious, elegant, and highly collectible piece of artwork to grace your walls, consider The Yellow Wing, a unique and beautiful piece in its own right, and part of a larger narrative that takes you to places of dreams and imagination


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