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Roman Holiday

Christmas in Rome


I recently visited Rome during Christmas Time. I had wanted to see the eternal city again, and I thought that returning there after teaching a painting workshop in Haarlem would be very doable. Every ten years, I seem to be drawn to the art and history that Rome has to offer, and this time, I went armed with more camera gear than ever before. I took so many reference photos and videos that I cannot begin to describe it all. Needless to say, they will be featured in future artworks and posts for many years to come.


Even though I am home now and happily painting in my studio once more, working on two wonderfully baroque commissions in my idiom, it has taken me a while to process my trip. I believe that I truly got Stendhal Syndrome this time!


I wrote some poetry in churches, read much more in cafes, and steeped myself in art history and Roman Forum ruins. It was cold and I was sick, and so the both of us were at a standoff for a few weeks while I refused to back down from exploring. I got better within a few days of being home; it's amazing what rest, friends, and a warm house will do for you. Happy Holidays, everyone!


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