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The Feast Of The Gods

Self Portrait posing with my work-in-progress painting, The Feast of the Gods

Hello and happy fall! I am pleased to share an in-progress painting from my studio. Based on my previous artwork, Pan’s Dream” measuring 44x65”, this oil on linen painting sports its custom “House Of Oaxaca” frame. The colors come directly from the painting itself, and as you can see, I am just getting into the gilding layer, which I always do first.

Balancing these rectangular sheets of gold is an abstract task that requires both balance and focus. I must get these placements spot on to continue to the more challenging work of painting in those custom color shapes which will be calibrated to bring out certain aspects of the image while hiding others and allowing them to sit back. This attention to detail gives these pieces an added sense of atmosphere.

I cannot wait to unveil this when it is finished. It will be in a small movie that speaks more about my process. My many trips to the woods inspired the painting, where I pondered mythology, ancient history, and fairy tales. Many of these stories were very opaque for me at the time and still are in some sense, so these paintings attempt to gain a deeper understanding of them by manifesting their aesthetic in a way I know best; that of pictorial composition and wordless visual description.

Feast Of The Gods, work in progress

Pan's Dream

Late in the game, this piece took a surprise turn, as many of my artworks do. In this case, I turned to a familiar source of inspiration, the art museum, and brought some of it home with me. I have paid homage to Giovanni Bellini's Feast of the Gods, 1514/1529, which hangs in the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC.

That is all for now. Please keep an eye out for updates on this blog and my website, for I will surely be uploading the finished piece soon. If you are curious to learn more, you may wish to check out some of these additional links:

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