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Byzantine Splendor

Byzantine Splendor

oil on linen


artist made frame


In Byzantine splendor I find Tyrian purple. Gilded reliquaries. Saints with eyes that are not quite right. A ruling class that didn’t speak the tongue of its own people. These finely painted things I have admired on chapel walls and from behind museum glass. Echoes of history blend together like the bands in a suminagashi pattern, overlapping until their origins become indiscernible.

I view painting as a vehicle for the exploration of human psychology. There is a riddle in every art material. You must figure out how to compress nature into a very narrow space of color and reflection.

I made a short film showing this painting in greater detail and from different viewpoints. It shows off the glint of gold leaf on the frame from many angles and in various lighting conditions.

While wandering in the woods, I encountered a strange tree that stirred my imagination. I resolved to return with a small painting in hand and have a photoshoot. I really like this pairing a lot, but it was only for show. The painting needs to be hung indoors in a controlled environment.

Painting The Portrait In Oils, January 28 & 29, 2023

1-5 PM Saturday and Sunday (Eastern US Time, Washington D.C.)

January 28 & 29, 2023

This will be an online class held on Zoom that will require you to paint along from home. There will be two portrait painting demonstrations with a model for you to work from and art talks and individualized critiques focusing on materials, techniques, processes, and an artistic vision. The class will be broadcast live from the studio of Teresa Oaxaca, featuring multiple camera angles on the painting as it is created, the palette with brush/palette knife color mixing, and the visual reference.

The idea is to get you jazzed up about painting, point you critically in the right direction and help you on an individual level.

Upon registration, you will receive more information about the class. The supply list will be added soon. Please note that you don't need to purchase all new supplies, and those wishing to work in acrylics or tempera are also welcome (though please note that this is an oil painting class).

Supply list- This list is what Teresa Oaxaca uses herself. Please feel free to substitute any colors you find too troublesome to acquire. It is optional to have the same materials for this course.

Ultramarine Blue Green Shade (or any ultramarine blue from Old Holland or Michael Harding or another brand of your choice)

Chromium Oxide Green


Lemon Ochre (or any Yellow Ochre)

Chrome Yellow Primrose (or a cadmium Lemon Yellow)

Lead Tin Yellow Dark (not necessary, just my favorite)

Cadmium Orange

Pozzuoli Red (a fancy name for red iron oxide pigments. Try looking for Venetian Red or English Red too)

Rose Madder (or Alizarin Crimson, our Permanent Rose)

Cypress Umber Raw Dark (or a raw Umber)

Lead White (or Titanium white, Flake White Replacement)

Bone Black (“Ivory Black” No one makes paint from natural Ivory anymore, it's just a fanciful name)

Cadmium Red instead

Cerulean Blue

French Sienna

Mediums- Age Refined Linseed Oil, Stand Oil

Canvas Support- One 20x16” stretched and primed linen canvas (or panel)


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