Painting Workshop Supply List

August 6, 2020




Painting Workshop Supplies


These are the supplies that I will be using for my online painting workshops.  You don't need to buy everything, please get what you are comfortable with,  Some of these things you may have already and if they are close enough such as a slightly bigger canvas or a slightly different palette, don't worry about it).


Canvas Support- One 16x20" primed stretched canvas or panel (



palette knife
paper towels
palette (glass or wood or plastic)

Palette-This is the recommended palette I use-

Ultramarine Blue Green Shade
Chromium Oxide Green
Lemon Ochre
Chrome Yellow Primrose
Lead Tin Yellow Dark
Orange Molybdate
Pozzuoli Red
Rose Madder
Cypress Umber Raw Dark
Lead White #1
Bone Black

Extended Palette

Cobalt Chromite Blue
French Sienna


Expoxide Oil

Or you can substitute some or all of these colors with pigments of similar names (listed below) should you already have some or are unable to get a hold of Rublev colors. The selected list is however preferable as it is an integral part of my working palette and it has been selected for paint handling qualities and quick drying time so that your progress in the workshop may run smoothly without the added difficulty of having to work over still wet or tacky paint. You will notice the high number of earth colors, umbers and leads. The oils that bind these pigments and that will be used as a medium also exemplify quick drying times.

Alternative Palette

Ultramarine Blue
Terra Verte
Yellow Ochre
Cadmium Yellow light
Naples Yellow
Cadmium Orange
Venetian Red
Alizarin Crimson
Raw Umber
Lead White/a white
Ivory Black
Vermillion or Cadmium Red

Linseed Oil

I paint on both canvases and panels. Medium to smooth weave is preferred, but bring what you are comfortable with. I prefer Claessens oil primed linen rolls and then stretch them myself. At other times I use Artefex oil primed linen on Dibond panel, which are available through Though these are more expensive they are archival and also give great painting results.

Brushes- Suggestions include a mix of soft brushes (sable, mongoose, or badger hair) and rough sturdy bristle (hog). Synthetics can also be used but I tend not to buy them as much anymore as they don’t keep their shape as well in the long run and make synthetic looking marks.



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