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Water, Launch Of A New Art Series

Hello and merry Fall! The crisp season is at last upon us, at least it is here in my part of the world. I look forward to many wanderings through the changing forest as leaves shifts in hue and make way for eventual Winter.

Here I have news of a brand new artwork to share with you. Water is the harbinger of a new drawing series that I am embarking on. It is part surrealism and half dream, part escape and fantasy, and also a step on the way to exhibiting my artwork in a new medium. You see I have been running out of space in my studio for some time. This past year I took on some big 10ft pieces (which are coming along well) and now my once spacious studio is becoming crowded as it always does before the big reveal of a new series of works.

So in response to the feeling of space constraint, I have begun a new series of drawings that can be printed or enlarged to any size, allowing the originals to be rolled up and stored safely away in a vault so to speak. These print children may then go off around the world to decorate the walls of my loyal collectors and art collectors to be.

So far this print comes in two sizes, small (6x9) and large (20x25). Please email if you would like something different.

I am very pleased with the quality of these prints and it has emboldened me to make more. I should mention to anyone concerned and who loves my oil paintings and originals primarily that this is in no way taking time away from my original artworks. Actually it is just the opposite. These printed drawings are made in small micro sessions of time, in bed and right before I go to sleep. Water took over a month to complete, and was the product of many near sleepless nights when I was too "awake" to fall asleep, and too tired to really paint. I decided to begin new "bed time" drawing habit so as to tap into my subconscious better and extract more ideas for my waking hours in the studio.

Thank you for understanding and for the support of those who have celebrated the project by collecting these print drawing and hanging them above their mantles.

Water, Archival Pigmented Ink Prink on Hahnemuhle Museum Etching Paper.


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