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The Pierrot, Artwork by TERESA OAXACA

"The Pierrot" by Teresa Oaxaca is a stunning example of timeless art. Drawing on the illustrious 18th-century French painter Antoine Watteau and his Fêtes galantes, along with the precursors of the Italian Macchiaioli movement, Antonio Mancini, this painting captures the mysterious, elegant, and historical elements of a masterly story. The vibrant blue and white color palette of this work echoes Watteau's playful world of come and play, portraying a seemingly melancholic Pierrot against a vibrant, sunlit landscape. Against this backdrop, The Pierrot's graceful figure steps out of history and into an elegant and mysterious story in its own right. Let "The Pierrot" take you back in time as you are drawn into the beauty and whimsy of this classic piece of fine art.

Owning a piece of original artwork is a luxury like no other. It immediately brings a unique energy and character to any space you inhabit. When looking at a digital image, like on an online viewer, you’ll never quite capture the same depth of emotion and texture, like when you experience a painting in person. With the painterly brushwork known as bravura, the contrast of creams, blues, silvers, and neutral grays creates a symbiotic visual depth that is impossible to fully appreciate online. Owning an original painting that features this technique is an investment in memories, history and beauty. It means investing in all of the time and energy that the artist put into it, creating a unique piece of living art.

This is a rare painting by Teresa, as is it does not contain dolls.


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