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Painting The Floral Portrait

This class will focus on the more advanced techniques of incorporating multi-colored and lit florals into a portrait and then dealing with the resulting reflected lights with the forms of the skin tones. Background abstraction/atmosphere and balance will also be discussed... and last but not least! Florals!


Please do not be intimidated by the idea of sourcing flowers. The supermarket florist will be your best bet, and second to that, a garden. But unless you are a super avid gardener, you may find that not everything you desire is in season this week, so be open to using both resources for your painting.


I will begin class with a demonstration that will last all day. You can choose to either watch and ask questions or paint along as some do. There are many learning styles and I am open to all of them.


Before class, I encourage you to select a portrait model to work from. This can be a self-portrait, somebody you know, or a hired model. Since we are online anyway, I will be working from a photo. During class, I will explain this in further detail.


You will also want to source those flowers! Buy whatever you like. Perhaps try a few different sizes, colors and forms.


Before class, I will provide the reference photos that I intend to work from so that you can see what I am looking at as I do my demonstration. Because this is an advanced class, I will not be covering the basic drawing and block-in method of the face, as I would like to get directly into the details, colors and layering techniques. The flowers, however, will be started from scratch.


I am including the link to a previous session where I created a basic blocked-in head. Please review this if you are curious to see how I got this far, or check in on it when you have the time. I will be working from this same portrait this weekend and bringing it to a finish.


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