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Paint Birds With Me! Online Only

I am excited to share my knowledge and passion for bird painting with you in these upcoming classes. Together, we will not only develop your technical skills but also nurture your creativity and love for these beautiful creatures.

Understanding how to lay in composition with full color using oil paint is an essential skill that will enable you to create vibrant and dynamic paintings. Blending techniques are equally important as they help bring depth and dimension to your artwork. These skills will greatly enhance your ability to bring your bird paintings to life.

I completely understand the desire to see color and values as separate entities. It can be challenging to convey the true essence of a bird's plumage, especially when dealing with intricate patterns and textures. In our classes, we will dive deep into this topic, helping you develop a keen eye for color and value relationships and how to reproduce them accurately.

Moreover, we will explore the art of glazing and overpainting techniques. These methods enable you to add layers of translucent paint to achieve a luminous effect, emphasizing the intricate details of feathers and adding richness to the overall composition.

By focusing on painting finches and peacocks, we will tackle the subtleties of depicting their complex textures and patterns. Feathers can pose a unique challenge, but with the proper techniques and guidance, you will acquire the skills to capture the intricate beauty of their plumage.

In addition to texture, we will also explore capturing the essence of birds in flight. This requires an understanding of balance and poise, along with mastering the techniques to depict the freedom and grace of their movement.

I look forward to having you join the class and embark on this artistic journey together.


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