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Mantegna Blue, Oil On Linen Painting By Teresa Oaxaca

Pre Raphaelite style portrait of artist Teresa Oaxaca, surrounded by putti and cherubim and yellow and red song birds. Swirling painted flower petals and rococo imagery, fine art detailing.
Mantegna Blue, oil on linen. 55x37", 2023. Original oil painting by Teresa Oaxaca

Lo, a painting grand, inspired by the Pre-Raphaelite's deft hand,

A lady in rosy gown, amidst a realm where dreams abound.

Her being swathed in hues of blushing pink, a sight to behold,

While cherubs dance, their laughter bright, as begotten in tales of old.

Her visage, a radiant sunbeam, reflecting the blooms that surround,

Each petal, soft and robed in gold, amidst a verdant ground.

A symphony of flora speaks through color and fragrant scent,

A scene by nature's hand painted, from the artist's heart intent.

The lady's eyes, deep pools of sapphire, hold secrets far and wide,

Whispering wisdom through their gaze, as the flower's bloom beside.

Her lips, as crimson as the tender rose, speak of passion's fire,

A language of love and desire, ever eager to inspire.

Above her head, cherubs soar on wings of ethereal light,

Scattering golden threads of joy, their laughter reaching great height.

They playfully dance in the air, like angels on heaven's breeze,

In this realm where dreams and reality merge, as on rarest tapestries.

Amidst the bliss, a tempestuous clash, two birds engaged in strife,

Feathers entwined, a whirlwind of fight, portraying love's tumultuous life.

Their flight and battle, fierce and free, create a scene so wild,

A complex dance of passion's might, and nature's harmonious child.

Behind the lady fair, a tapestry of patterns, intricate and bold,

Golden lines and swirls, like Gustav Klimt's masterpieces of old.

They enchant the eye, mesmerize the soul, a celebration of artistry,

A marriage of color and form, creating a realm of extraordinary.

This painting, a testament to the Pre-Raphaelite's revered vision,

An homage to beauty and truth, and the desire for artistic precision.

Lady, cherubs, roses, birds, and patterns entwined in harmony,

Compose a masterpiece that transports through its captivating scenery.

Let us marvel, then, at this painting's entrancing allure,

Immersing ourselves in its vibrant hues, its stories both gentle and pure.

For within its brushstrokes and artful design, inspiration does reside,

A testament to the eternal beauty of life, where artistry and dreams coincide.


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