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The Golden Birds


Oil on Linen


At long last, this piece is finished! Thank you all for coming along on this journey with me. It started funnily enough as a mere butterfly during one of my online zoom painting classes. It then proceeded to gain an orchid, a cherub, a person, some lose geranium and rose petals and then finally- a hedge apple! - 🍏 as inspired by my fairy tale art film “The Secret Of Dumbarton Oaks”. Where if you watch the film then you’ll know what those devious green apples do!

Painting the hedge apple brought me back to my school days in Florence, where I was once a still life painting student struggling to solve the riddle of how to paint a cauliflower (I’ll advised) and it took me two weeks. Luckily this smaller green foe was vanquished in a mere day. I hope to collect more of his kind and paint them soon!

This piece is available and part of my “Floating World” series, which was inspired by my love of nature and Japanese wood block prints. 

The Golden Birds

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