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This unique workshop discusses drawing and illustrating techniques for botanicals and small creatures.  Working from a reference such as live mice, fresh flowers, and a host of hi-resolution stills and photographs that capture the small world of flowers and birds from the wide outdoors, we will scratch and dip away at life from the perspective of a small creature.  We will make small things seem huge and get our macro lens action on as we draw small things in detail! (Now with cicadas, courtesy of Brood X)


Supplies for this class include calligraphy or drawing ink, a dip pen with a selection of interchangeable nibs, a smooth sketchbook, and some watercolors.  


Gallery of Reference Images for class

Ink Drawing Botanicals & Small Creatures! (Recording Only)

  • To register you must pay in full.  Four days before from the start date you may cancel, a $30 cancellation fee will be kept.  Afterwards there are no refunds for this class.

  • 1. A sketchbook or lose drawing paper of around 300 GSM weight (smooth is preferable but handmade or textured is fine too. The thickness of the paper is necessary to prevent the ink from bleeding through or disfiguring the paper.


    2. A dip pen. These can be bought for very cheap, Speedball is a company that makes a very affordable drawing set.


    Or if you are like me you can go for something more fancy, or just more... I like to collect a variety of tips and shapes of pen nibs. This helps me to vary my ink line weight and line thicknesses. That being said however, I typically use no more than 2 nibs per drawing, so that is all you really need.


    3. A good drawing ink. Preferebly black, as color can add another element of difficulty. I am partial to this series of Japanse inks, they are seem to come in a nice range of muted colors suitable for writing and drawing in. I have only three shades so far including a black and a blue, which is what I used to draw the portrait above-


    And so those are all the art supplies that you really need! I look forward to seeing you in class and drawing with you. We will have so much to talk about!

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