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Leigh Commission

Dear Leigh,


I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to share with you the progress I have made on the painting featuring your pastor and your beloved granddaughter's baptism. I must say that working on this piece has been an absolute joy and privilege.


In creating this painting, I have drawn inspiration from the timeless style of Johannes Vermeer. His ability to capture the quiet beauty of everyday life has always resonated with me, and I believe it lends a certain grace and serenity to this sacred moment.


One of the key elements that I have taken great care with is the interplay of light and shadow. Vermeer's masterful use of chiaroscuro allows for a captivating contrast that helps to draw the viewer's attention to specific areas of the painting. By skillfully placing the light source in this composition, I have highlighted the baptismal font and your granddaughter's face, casting a gentle glow on their features and evoking a sense of spiritual enlightenment.


Nuance of color has also been a focal point in this piece. I have deliberately chosen a harmonious palette that mirrors Vermeer's work, utilizing soft blues, warm golden tones, and earthy hues. These muted colors contribute to the overall tranquility of the scene and serve to create a sense of timelessness and contemplation.


Of course, the expressions and gestures of your pastor and your granddaughter are of utmost importance. The tender love and guidance being conveyed in their faces and hands are essential to capturing the essence of this moment. I have paid meticulous attention to their facial expressions, ensuring that their joy and faith are evident in every stroke. Their hands, too, are painted with the utmost care, paying homage to Vermeer's ability to bring life-like realism to these details. The way their hands intertwine illustrates the connection between them, echoing the connection between your pastor, your granddaughter, and their shared faith.


Thank you for entrusting me with this project. I look forward to sharing the completed piece with you soon.


With warm regards,



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