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Let's assess your art and where you are, where you would like to go.

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Visiting Artist

I'll come drop in on one of your classes and talk to your students or faculty.

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Private Instruction

Receive weekly instruction, one on one. Instruction tailored to your needs.

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Want to talk about making your way in the art word? Finding your voice and expression.

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Have a Conversation with the artist

Teresa is happy to provide limited guidance sessions on creativity and navigating art training and the professional world.  She draws from her 12+ years of selling, creating and exhibiting work.  


“Over the years I have enjoyed speaking with art students and answering their many questions on all matters related to art.  With the advent of social media, the amount of inquiries I have received across all platforms has spurred me to create a more serious channel for these explorations.  My wish is to create a space for deep conversation and understanding of the applicant’s needs, and so I will be expecting to see a body of artwork a week before a portfolio review for instance so that I may think long on the matter.  Similarly, all other artwork and non ‘portfolio’ related inquiries should be prefaced with a few paragraphs stating what you are interested in discussing, in order that I may be the more prepared to discuss your goals during our session together.”- Teresa


Each session will take place over Zoom video conferencing. 

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Have a conversation with the Artist

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